Monday, January 11, 2010

01/11 Playing with the tablet.

This was an experiment with me working with my tablet over an outline I had drawn many years ago.  I have this really nice 9x12 tablet, but I just haven't gotten enough practice with it so that I can make it do what I can do on paper with pencil and ink. The source image is lost in time but if I remember, it was based on a French Vogue advertisement. It was a woman in a fancy gown leaning on a column, which I kinda simplified as a block.

While I'm not a fan of Photoshop, i do like how I can sketch easily on it, whereas I'm not that good with the tablet on Illustrator as of yet (I still am a fan of the mouse/pen tool).  Illustrator has a nasty habit of appending lines to previous lines, or replacing them altogether, if they are too close, and I haven't figured out how to stop it aside from hitting 'escape' or clicking elsewhere in the image.  What I did here was I broke the image down in to little squares, using different types of filler textures, which I remember from a graphic arts exercise I took a long time ago.  Some are plain silly (the smiley faces and the weird words that popped into my head in several areas.  But it's new.  I have another version of this same sketch I'm working on for tomorrow's post (the same outline, but with a single line instead of the textures).  Hope you like this one, though.


  1. That is really, really great. I think you might be able to do a full belt-print design based on this concept (different textures in different squares composing some overall image).