Saturday, January 2, 2010

01/02 Sketch- Vacant Vampire Victorian

Wasn't sure how this was going to end up.  The concept was a victorian mansion (or at least a boarded up house) that was dark on the left side, and lighted by lightining on the right side.  I had a dream about this concept, and woke up to sketch it down. Wasn't the best job, but hey, I was half asleep and it's my son's 7th birthday (so I didn't get it all the way done).  The shirt was going to be a darker colored shirt, but light enough that the black pencil marks would be black, adn the window accents, man, open door, and rightside roof and slats would be white/light gray, with accented smoke coming out of the chimney.  I also was going to put a wolf in the lower left side, but that didn't come and I wanted to post this now.

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