Friday, August 28, 2009

Flora as Fauna

Well, I have been working on a design with a blue jay robbing a squirrel, but that's not altogether done. But I needed something for the derby opening, so I whipped something up real quick. The design is to the right. If you have a shirt.woot vote, please click the link below!

Flora as Fauna


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Derby #110- Flora

Okay, this week the theme is plants, and since I was trying to give myself a challenge, I wanted to get people to give me weird ideas to have to cater to. A job, an item of clothing, and a shirt color. Of course, most people picked RED for the shirt (ugh, nobody votes for red), but some interesting jobs. It was a tie between a mime and a bank robber, though nuclear plant safety officer was funny. I went with bank robber. So I'm gonna do a bird robbing a squirrel "bank" of its acorns.

I guess the other bird concept would be a penguin mime...

What's this Blogging Crap?

Okay, I figured I didn't update the website enough. So here goes. Blogging. So why Skektek shirt? I've always been a fan of The Dark Crystal, and since I am a faculty scientist in Biology, I thought the particular Skeksis that was the scientist/biologist would be an excellent name. I picked this name for my woot account, and since I started doing t-shirt design contests under that account, things kinda went from there. Hopefully this will be in addition to the regular website that has my designs from each derby and contest I enter.

In case you want the website, here it is: LINKY