Saturday, January 2, 2010

01/01 Sketch- RoboKringle

With a bit of thought, I figured I'd try to sketch something meaningful each day for this year (until summer when I leave internet-civilization). Most of these sketches will be rough, with updated entities added to each post as I work on them (with backdated links for new posts). I'm not a professional artist, though one could argue that since I got money from Woot from a derby 2nd place, I may be a "semi"professional one. So here goes. This was my sketch for yesterday- RoboKringle. It was a robot, that after I drew the parts, thought it would look good as an Xmas design to save up for a contest in 10-11 months. Sketch captured using a Canon SD870IS (so much better than my SCSI MicroTek x6L.

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