Wednesday, January 6, 2010

01/06 To The Shark Tank

I have friends who are lolyers.  Good lolyers, good friends. Plus I tend to do a lot of fish designs. This started as a random doodle- just me, a piece of paper, and my Pentel Kerry Mechanical pencil.  That pencil holds double significance to me. First, it's the drafting pencil my dad always used, so I also love it. is compact, but unfolds by pulling the sides apart, and clicking the lid/eraser part on top of the pencil part. Lovely design.  Second, it happens to be my wife's name, which is pretty cool.  So here's my design for the day, and I really like it.  Cheers- Tek


  1. Oh, yeah. Love this. The short little tie is hilarious.

  2. I like your Lawyer Fish very much. I was wondering what the design would look like if the Shark Tank sign was lower so that his head was more the focus? Either way, good job!