Monday, January 4, 2010

01/04 Zomgasaurus!

Okay, I got the graphics tablet working, so I started doodling.  And out this comes.  A Zomgasaurus.  I have a coworker who had a boyfriend that said ZOMG all the time. Seriously, all the freaking time. He never stopped saying it. It was the "y'now" or "uhm" of this dude's vocabulary.  Got overdone. So I thought if he was around in the Cretaceous period, he would be some freaky dinodude who said Zomg all the time. And rapidly would go extinct.  So for my daily art, I give you... this.  I took the extra effort to put it on a Tee template (navy) just to see what it is. Hmm. Maybe I'll sub it as a daily to woot since it's random enough for them to possibly love it.

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