Wednesday, February 17, 2010

02/16 YMCA Hope

This is my submission for the GoodJoe YMCA contest.  I tried to make it sweet, and although I'm not good at people, I thought it came out really well. The skyline I think was a good touch to make it more than just a heart on a shirt. I hope at the very least I get some comments about how I could improve it. Four colors on cream shirt.


  1. I like the idea. If you were to change something, maybe you could draw the humans with the same bold lines as the rest of the piece, and maybe omit the motion(?) lines around them. IMHO. Regardless, I do like the concept. GL.

  2. The motion lines were originally on the piece to give it depth (before I had a red heart). I never took them out, but I couldn't find a background I liked. I tried a halftone star and heart, but they both looked really fake.