Monday, February 1, 2010

02/01 Spaceship

Okay, normally I don't use Photoshop for my designs because I'm used to Illustrator. This is my first real colored design in Photoshop using the tablet.  It came out purple/blue because that's the colors I started with randomly. The ship also was a creation of shapes that kinda developed.  I think it came out rather well considering this isn't based on a sketch and is merely me doodling.  Hope y'all like it.


  1. Great! What do you mean a "creation of shapes." Personally, I've been pretty timid about illustration in photoshop. I don't feel I have as much control there because I'm too used to illustrator. Although also I've been enjoying sketching directly into illustrator with my tablet. Regardless, I like your ship, and I like the way photoshop allows soft and hard edges when working with a brush.

  2. I like drawing ovals, so this started as a series of ovals, then it just evolved into what you see. I was getting into the whole "unlimited colors" groove.