Sunday, February 14, 2010

02/14 Pencil sketch of woman who doesn't exist

Was working on eyes the other day for a tiger zodiac shirt.woot entry that never got finished. Started drawing human eyes on a slip of paper, and I liked it so much i kept going. Wonder if there's someone out there that looks like this... Hopefully if so, she's got a better developed nose :)

Okay, almost caught up!


  1. She looks nice. When I studied Face Reading if someone had white showing under their irises it was a sign of stress. If it was on the right side, the person was being stressed by the masculine, the left was the feminine. See why Lie to Me is my fave TV show??

  2. Haha! Wow, that's deep reading for a random sketch! I hate sketching and running out of paper. The second page is taped on which means it'll fall apart in a few months. Oh well.

    I think she needs a bridge to her nose (goes to edit/tinker/ruin a perfectly good sketch).

  3. I have the hardest time with nose bridges because there is no hard line to rely on.