Tuesday, February 9, 2010

02/06 Pet Blame Game

This is a sketch that I was never happy with, but decided to give it a try with the tablet.  It's two pets, who are blaming each other for breaking a bottle (or other breakable object).  Obviously, the hamster is blaming the bird. Not sure if I should have colored the liquid, and I wasn't really counting woot-allowed 6 colored inks, but I was having fun. Despite being on a shirt woot template for color, it's never been submitted anywhere. Maybe someday.


  1. It's a cute idea. What if you left off the exclamation and question marks, and just had them pointing at each other with accusatory expressions? I think it might work better that way, and it'll be more wootable. They are really cute characters, and you have a great ability in that regard. I'm undecided on coloring the liquid. The right side of the little bottle looks a little like an acorn, or something, at first glance. Maybe beef up that part of the illustration a little. Overall, I love the idea.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I will do them, since they all make this better. I'm not sure if the coloring outside the lines is something people like, but it makes the art look less precise and more hand-done to me. The liquid color isn't the best, since I was trying not to use too many colors (it's already at the max)