Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another great derby design

I should post more often. Especially when I come up with iconic, good looking designs that aren't retreads of some old half-baked idea. This one is for a anthropomorphic food derby, which going into it sounded like one where I'd get my ass kicked pretty soundly from the designer gods that are now regular entrants into the derbies. While I consider myself having decent skills for what I do for a living (neuroscience/animal behavior), I am nowhere close to the level of such woot greats as Bassanimation, Walmazan, SpiritGreen, and Patrick Spens.

So I take it as a great success when I can do something that stays in the top 20 in a derby. This one was a take on the Reservoir Dogs movie. However, there are a lot (and I mean a LOT) of hot dog designs out there, which rendered my first concept undoable. However, I thought of another iconic way to play it out, so here it is. It's early in the movie, when Mr. Pink and Mr. White go at each other, with Mr. Blonde looking on.

The reason Mr. White has a red splotch on his shirt is because in the movie, Mr. White has helped Mr. Orange into the warehouse after getting shot. So he has blood on him. Should I have swapped the bottles of condiments to make it seem like Mr. Pink has already gotten some ketchup on Mr. White? Sure. But it makes less sense since it would also appear I was "Lucasing" the movie and having Mr. Han Solo Pink shoot first, which didn't happen. So I left it. Also, I got calls asking for a light silver shirt, since people don't like white shirts, but that also looked silly since the nice thing about this concept was the stark B&W nature of the design. Plus, if I had made it on any other color, I'd have to color the hot dogs at least white, which would have been an extra ink color. I like it as it is. It's up for votes, but if you're reading this blog, you prolly already voted for it. But I'll take any comments you might have!

Voting can be done by clicking here.

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